We Can Recreate Your Lost Logo

If your logo was designed years ago but you no longer have the original file, or if it was hand-drawn and you’d like to recreate a digital copy, we can often recreate it accurately. You may have a degraded copy of your logo in a raster file, which is a pixelated photo image file created in a program such as Adobe Photoshop. This image may be a jpeg which will always have a white background. Even if this image is high-resolution, the white background alone can create an issue if you’d like to place your logo on a background. We normally recreate logos in Adobe Illustrator, making them scalable to any size and with a transparent background. And if you also need your logo inserted into your website, we can supply it as a Photoshop .png document, which will also allow for a transparent background.

Below is a sampling of logos we have recreated. The left is the original raster file (Photoshop pixelated) and the right is the recreated vector (scaleable) file placed on a grey background.

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